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  • WooCommerce Product Stock Status

    This is a very simple plugin, but it’s completely free and works well for its intended use. The Woo Custom Stock Status plugin helps you to share custom stock status for each WooCommerce product.

    If you have multiple products and the stock status changes for any item, the plugin updates the product status automatically. You can even set a custom level for different products and product categories.

    Whenever any product is out of stock, a lead form gets automatically added to that product page. Visitors who fill out the lead form will get email notifications when the product is back in stock. You also get lots of customization options.

    Why customise the stock text?

    • Let customers know when each product variation is back in stock.
    • Let customers know useful information about the stock status. e.g When a product ships.
    • Provide details for product backorders.
    • customise the in stock message per product.

    Plugin Features :

    • Always Show Stock
    • Stock Position
    • In stock
    • Available on backorder
    • (can be backordered)
    • Out Of Stock
    • In Stock Color
    • In Stock Background Color
    • Out Of Stock Color
    • Out Of Stock Background Color
    • Display Icon

    ScreenShots :

  • Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin is the best choice to increase cross selling. The WooCommerce shopping cart or product pages will be assigned automatically or manually to your order when you purchase items together.

    Using this extension allows you to strategically place the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ recommendations on the products page, cart page, etc.

    with the Frequently Bought Together plugin for WooCommerce , stores can easily offer cross-sells, upsells, and customized product bundles to their customers.

    WooCommerce upsells
    In short, upsells are products you recommend instead of the product the user is currently viewing.
    The idea behind that is to encourage the customer to purchase a more profitable product.
    Upsells appear on the product page, normally under the main content and tabs, often with the heading ‘You may also like’.

    WooCommerce cross sells
    WooCommerce cross sells are similar to “frequently bought together” products.
    They’re products that are complementary to products the customer has already added to their cart.
    However, cross sells appear on the cart page, not on the product page.

    Plugin Features :

    • Easy to use
    • Creating bundles from simple products
    • Multiple Layout
    • Option to enable/disable Frequently Bought Together Plugin
    • Custom Place on working
    • Price Discount In Bulk
    • Ordering of Product Group
    • Creating bundles from product variations
    • Custom Position
    • Default products, change quantity, check default products options.
    • Some text translate options.
    • Change all color options.
    • Displaying bundles under a description and a product regular price
    • Unlimited number of suggested products for each single product
    • Variation Product also work
    • Easy Integration
    • WPML Support

    Screenshots :

  • Contact Form 7 Stripe Payment

    In the free version, you will get the Stripe payment gateway entirely for free of cost. This plugin allows you to create custom payment forms and easily accept payments on your WordPress site using Stripe.

    Contact Form 7 Stripe Payment is designed for various kind of business owners, consultants, developers, and for startups as well for collecting payments using their website.

    The Stripe Payments plugin, to make your work easier and offer a fast and safe way to make money.

    Features :

    • Easy to use
    • Enable Use Stripe.
    • Add Customer Email, Item Description, SKU.
    • Select Use Sandbox
    • Add Pay With Stripe Label, Live Publishable Key and Secret Key.
    • Select Currency, Add Success Return URL.
    • Add Default Text.
    • Add Price and Quantity.
    • WPML Support

  • Contact Form 7 Paypal

    Contact Form 7 Paypal plugin is easy and fast. This free extension enables you to setup payment gateway on form.

    Contact Form 7 – PayPal Add-on is a free plugin to integrate payments with the form submission. You can collect payments with a simple form on your site. When the user clicks submit it will redirect to PayPal payment page.

    In this plugin Custom Paypal Price as well dynamic from contact form field can be setup. and Admin can set custom form tag names to get dynamic price, qty and email data.

    You can make the payment once and all as there is no recurring payment option.

    Features :

    • Enable Use Paypal
    • Admin can add paypal payment gateway to contact form 7
    • Admin can set different settings for diffrent contact forms
    • Enable/disable sandbox mode for testing purpose
    • Need just Paypal Email Id No much integration need
    • Customize success and Cancel url
    • Currency Supported
    • Save Paypal in wordpress database
    • Show full response of paypal in database
    • Sandbox and live both mode of paypal
    • Make Donation Paypal with contact form 7
    • Add multiple dynamic values for paypal payments.
    • Customize all text editable option.
    • Product label text editable.
    • Export CSV of Paypal
    • Easy to use
    • WPML Support

  • Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

    The easiest way to create a custom user registration form is by using WPForms. It is the best WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to create all type of forms in WordPress.

    Custom Fields for WooCommerce is a useful plugin to add unlimited custom fields to the My Account, Registration, and Checkout pages.

    Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce plugin gives you an option to include user roles in your forms so that customers themselves can choose an appropriate role. You can also control which users are accepted or rejected through an approval management system.

    This plugin comes with basic configuration options and reliable technical support. It also keeps on adding extra features to adapt to the needs with time.

    Features :

    • Easy To Use
    • Enable/Disable Authentication
    • Enable/Disable User Registration Email
    • Change Login And Registration Title Text
    • Add/Remove Custom Registration Fields
    • Change User Registration Email Subject Message
    • Change User Registration Email Body Message
    • Hide And Show Field Labels
    • Change Field Required Message Text
    • Change My Account Custom Tab Title Text
    • Change My Account Custom Tab Form Heading Text
    • Add a country field And State Field
  • WooCommerce Product Badges

    Product Badges for WooCommerce create unlimited product budges. This plugin also allows you to add custom badges to your products, and it includes a sold out badge option.

    This plugin too helps in customizing the text, color, and position of the badge. You can create sets and also assign badges for product categories.

    This plugin helps to display product as ‘new’ label and product is ‘sold-out’. Admin has an access to change Badges images and its position. One of the most popular ways is adding the small badges, usually to the top left or right corner of the product image.

    Features :

    • Easy to use
    • You can add new product badges.
    • You can select Show Label and Show Label Single product page.
    • Select Product badge position.
    • Customized font size, label color and background color.
    • Add Product Discount Text.
    • You can Select Label Shape, Image Badge select or Custom Image Badge Select.
    • Product Badges add conditionally with product wise.
    • Product Badges add conditionally with category wise, tag wise and price wise.
    • WPML Support
  • Difference between Billing Address and Shipping Address

    This article will explain the difference between a billing address and a shipping address. Shipping and billing address are two different addresses though they can be identical too. These two addresses are very important for sending the bills, invoices, and the purchased products.

    A shipping address is an address where you will send the order. The billing address is the address connected to the customer’s payment method. Billing and shipping addresses are often the same – but not always.

    The key difference between a billing address and a shipping address is this:

    1. The shipping address calculates shipping costs and delivers the product to customers.
    2. The billing address verifies that the customer is an authorized user of the purchasing credit card.

    Features :

    • Easy to use
    • Billing and Shipping both for add and delete multiple address
    • Customized Style
    • Set Maximum Address limit
    • User Role Wise Add different address
    • Customize button text, font size, font color, background color
    • The delivery status of each item in a single order can be separated to different order statuses.
    • Make Default Address
    • Checkout page and my account page you can add new address
    • WPML Support
  • Display Stock Status For Woocommerce

    Display Stock Status For Woocommerce plugin is used to write the custom stock status with different colors for each woocommerce product or globally, let users to know exact stock status names in product details page.

    The goal of this plugin is to show the “stock quantity” under each product in the shop, category and archive pages (wherever there is a loop).

     Documentation |  Demo


    • Always Show Stock
    • Stock Position
    • In stock
    • Available on backorder
    • (can be backordered)
    • Out Of Stock
    • In Stock Color
    • In Stock Background Color
    • Out Of Stock Color
    • Out Of Stock Background Color
    • Display Icon
  • WooCommerce Free Gift

    WooCommerce Free Gift WordPress plugin, can set up products as gifts for customers in accordance with their purchase price.

    The best way to entice new customers to make purchases is with Free Gifts. customers are most attractive for happens Free Gifts and discounts.

    There are different conditions to supply Gift Products in Woocommerce, making free gifts a potent feature for increasing your product promotion.

    Plugin Features :

    • Easy to use
    • You can choose popup and slider.
    • Customized font size, color
    • Add Manually gift product title , notice.
    • Gift product add conditionally with product wise
    • Gift product add conditionally with category wise and Price
    • Allow/Disallow Gifts to Only Logged in Users
    • Customize Font Size and Font Color for Motivational Message
    • Customize Gift Product Add to cart Button text
    • Allow for only one type of multiple gift
    • Enable Gift Products on Checkout Page

    Screenshots :

    WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift make to many way to gift product in woocommmerce. In this plugin, Customers are inspired to shop again.

  • Cost Calculator Contact Form 7

    Cost Calculator Contact Form 7 easy to calculate in various fields use. You can do your form price summation, multiplication, deduction, and division as well as in many other formulae.

    Cost calculator Contact Form 7 can be Calculation price base on text, checkbox , radio and select box base adding price with prefix in WordPress site.

    In this fields, form can be used for creating both single and difficult calculation. Mostly this plugin use for contact form 7 calculate price in contact form 7.

    Features :

    • Easy to use
    • Show calculator tag in contact form 7.
    • Add different calculation formulas.
    • You can add a prefix for calculator value.
    • Choice digits after the decimal point for calculator value.
    • Calculate with any cf7 fields.
    • Multi Total field
    • You can put Prefix with field wise
    • WPML Support